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Amino acids, Vitamins, Carbohydrates, mineral elements, high systemic activity, micro-elements chelates (Iron, Manganese, and Zinc).

Introduction – In the course of their evolutionary process, plants have developed complex defense mechanisms, activated when you have special conditions stress: in response to external stresses (pathogenic fungi and bacteria, but also

wounds, burns, UV radiation, or caused by climate adverse conditions, such as frosts of late, drought, hail), the plants react by producing complex substances defense. The result of the comparison depends on many factors, such as the conditions environmental, health and safety of the plant, the severity of the attack the external, or of the adverse event, but there is no doubt that the substance of self-defense contribute to reduce the negative effects. If, instead of leaving the plant in the her destiny by making her do everything by itself, the inducessimo to produce substances self-defense before the unfortunate event happens, the attacker is likely to face immediately a valid antagonist and the probability of success would rise considerably!


Green shield is a specialty-based liquid, mineral substances, and natural substances extraction plant, all in highly digestible and indispensable to the metabolism of the plant. Quickly absorbed, both through the roots to the foliar apparatus, the product has a strong systemic activity, able to move both in ascending and descending. Entered in the lymphatic system, Green Shield induces the plant to synthesize natural substances that enhance its resistance (bioinduttore resistance), carrying out functions of self-defense. The treated plants are then most self-protecting and, therefore, less sensitive to adversity of any nature.

The product also plays important functions in nutrition: good equipment phosphorus and potassium prevents and cures the deficiencies in the specifications, with a clear pulse the growth and vigour of the crop (the greater development of the gastrointestinal radical, best setting, the most abundant productions, the more intense the pigmentation, shelf-life and sugar content of the fruit). The significant cativa presence of magnesium increases photosynthetic activity and the consequent increase in the lignifi cation of the tissues.

Dosage and mode d utilisation – Even though the application may occur during the entire crop cycle, it is advisable to l to use especially in the early stages of development and in the phases of more intense vegetative growth, periods during which is faster l absorption and translocation within of the plant. In function of the mode of application (foliar or fertigation), dilute in water at the doses indicated in the table. In foliar applications on woody plants, thoroughly soak the plants (including the trunk). In fertirrigazioni, distribute at the end of the cycle d of water for irrigation. Delivered always in the hours of the cool of the day.


Compatible with most fertilizers (except those of high the content of ammoniacal nitrogen), pesticides (with the exception of dicofol,

dimethoate and mineral oils), and fungicides (except copper based products). Do not mix with products with a strong alkaline reaction. Treated at least a week before and at least 3 weeks after the use of copper based products and oils minerals.


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