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  • Prevents and cures the deperimenti vegetative
  • Composition – Acid, N-acetyl-tiazolidin-4-carboxylic acid (AATC) gr. 5; acid folic gr. 0,1; magnesium-EDTA gr.1,6; esametilentetramina
  • (metenamina) gr. 0,6 in buffered solution and stabilized enough to grams 100.
  • Features – LinfaPlus is a specialty liquid based substances essential to the metabolism of plants, in particular the AATC (derived
  • from the natural amino acid cysteine) and Folic Acid, vitamin proven properties that benefit at the cellular level. Used regularly -
  • mainly for foliar - active and increases the biochemical processes, metabolic, photosynthetic and enzymatic of the plants, resulting in
  • a series of beneficial effects: it promotes the formation of new tissues; promotes a more rapid, vigorous and balanced development; and increases
  • the natural defenses; anticipates the flowering and stimulates the processes of fruit set; improves the quality of production (content of vitamins and sugar,
  • shelf life, organoleptic quality, color of skin, etc), as well as increasing yields; reduces the phenomena of senescence; allows
  • a more rapid overcoming of the stress caused by the climatic phenomena of adverse effects (e.g. late frosts,
  • hail, drought) and environmental (e.g. soil salini); reduces the negative consequences of the possible
  • errors of cultivation. Can be used in mixture with pesticides and fertilizers, as long as
  • a neutral reaction.
  • Attention: Linfaplus is not an it nor a fertilizer, but it increases the effi efficiency
  • absorption of the nutrients administered with fertilizers.
  • Doses and method of use
  • • Dive - dilute at a dose of 50 ml. in 10 liters of water
  • and to immerse the root system of the seedlings
  • (or directly to the plugs), just before the transplantation,
  • the ripicchettamento or planting.
  • • Irrigation - after the transplants or the ripicchettamenti, make the first
  • irrigation with a solution of 10 ml in 10 litres of water,
  • repeat it after about two weeks.
  • • Foliar treatments - dilute at the doses indicated in the table
  • of the page to the side and apply with sprayer, knapsack pump
  • or other suitable sprayer. To do the treatments in the cooler hours,
  • with the warning of drizzle evenly throughout the vegetation.

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