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COMPO Fungicide spray PPO
COMPO Fungicide spray is a specific product for the fight against powdery mildew (mal white), which attacks ornamental plants and flower in the house and in the garden. The spray has curative and preventive properties; for a better and more effective control of mal white, it is advisable to intervene at the first appearance of the first symptoms of infection (spots whitish on the leaves). It is particularly effective against powdery mildew of rose (Sphaerotheca turns into) and a number of other flower crops and ornamental plants, both shrubs, and tree in a pot or in the garden. Does not contain propellants considered harmful to the ozone layer.

100 g of product contain:
Dodemorf pure g 0,16
Co-formulants 100 g
PRODUCT FOR ORNAMENTAL PLANTS Reg. No. 10814/PPO of the 11/04/2001

Mode of use:
Shake the bottle before use. Spray the whole plant evenly, especially on the lower part of the leaves, holding the bottle at least 30 cm of distance. If necessary, repeat the treatment after a few days.

Cylinders, 400 ml

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